Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hero of Glee was dead :(

Everyone must know the news now right? Cory who played Finn Hudson role in Glee was found dead in Canada. Ohhhh :(

The reason of dead is because of the drug. But I don't know. Cory has a drug problem and he went to rehab last year. If I'm not mistaken.

Part paling sedih bila Cory and Lea akan berkahwin in 2 weeks. Huhu. Serius sangat sedih for Lea. She's preparing for a wedding and now she's preparing for a funeral. Sedihnya!!

If someone dead, tak kisah dia bangsa dan agama apa sekalipun. Sedih as a human :(

No more Finn Hudson after this!!! :(((((

Reality now :(

At least, Cory got a chance to see Lea in her white wedding dress even it was only for Glee.

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