Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sky Of LoVe

I'll look up to the sky when I think of you..
A bright day means you're in a good mood..
A rainy day means you're crying..
A dusky day means you're blushing..
The night sky means you're holding me gently in your arms..

Staying by my side forever..LOVE..

Edit: Sky of Love @ Koizora nie ada 2 versi iaitu drama & movie..i love the Drama Version rather than Movie..walaupun hero (Hiro) tak berapa handsome, tapi aku nampak kasih sayang dan cinta dia pada Mika..n 1 more, versi drama lagi terangkan banyak aku rasa lagi dekat dgn Hiro & Mika..lagi touching drpd movie nya...

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