Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures - PPSK Graduation Night

Mission accomplished :)
What mission? Transfer pictures!! :D
I got the PPSK Graduation Night pictures from Azma & Shaleen through Skype. Look how Skype can be sooo useful :) Not only chat @ call okay.
There was a lot of pictures, but I only choose the beautiful, pretty (dan se-angkatan dengannya) untuk di upload di sini.
But you can see more pictures on Friendster okay :)

So here we go!!

We (+ Fadz) had performed 2 dance

Timang Burung

Sports Science (+ Shaleen)

Aku & Cham. Mehrul, Syam tak yah masuk :P

Elegant Couple (The Winner is the middle couple)

Potong kek

Ikhlas Tapi Jauh

Anugerah Khas Pilihan Pensyarah
Shaleen & Izwan

2 pasangan kembar bergabung!!!

Aku, Fadz, Azma

Dr. Mat (Chairman of Exercise & Sports Sc)

Dr.Mat again (my research supervisor)

Seeding the Friendship (jagalah baik2 k)

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