Friday, October 16, 2009

Quit and Go

I quit my job at Q-Focus yesterday, 24 hours notice.

I quit because i've been selected to join GEMS in Teluk Batik. This sunday, 18/10 is the registration day and the programme will start on Monday.
Actually, I don't know much about the programme. There are questions in my mind about GEMS:

1) Menjamin ke GEMS ni?
2) On job training for 6 months after the classroom training, so sure dapat kerja ke pas OJT?
3) Kerja tu pulak sure under government @ glc ke?
4) The programme will focus on business and management. Boleh masuk ke semua benda tu dalam otak aku ni?


Someone said the programme is okay, teach us about working, and getting a job after that.
Someone said the programme is boring, and not sure getting a job under government @ glc but still dapat kerjalah.

I said,

I will go and join the programme!!!
Only then, I can answer all the questions in my mind.

Kemungkinan rezeki aku ada di sana.

Only GOD knows..

p/s: for anyone who knows about GEMS, respond me!


Ms.Independant said...

Frh xde experience lak nk share psl GEMS ni.
Ni pon cam 1st time dgr.
Dh g nnti kongsi lah experience kat sne k!

btw, Gudlak!


Anonymous said...

gud luck
so 6 bulan no blog ler ni?

Ries Lee said...

GEMS tu aper?

Cutiesifa said...


thank u farah..
akan dikongsi pengalaman itu :)

Cutiesifa said...

Fatt Chin Choy:

kemungkinan besar begitulah kot..for 8.5 months..huhu

Cutiesifa said...

Ries Lee:

GEMS is Graduate Employability Management Scheme yg handle by government tuk train graduates for 2.5 months then ojt for 6 months...
sesiapa graduan pun boleh join.

ZaaRz said...

aik.. dah tukar keje ke ?
bagus ker GEMS Tue... haih~ kene amik tau awal2 jugek nie... nanti susah aje tak dapat keje, bile dah grad.. haiissH~

Cutiesifa said...


bukan keje zaarz..
program then ada attachment 4 6 months..baik awk ambk tahu, nanti senang ckit kan pas hbs blaja..kot2lah nak join jugak..